How To Get Long Distance Moving Advice Personalized For You

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Movers is to make your relocation as easy as possible. Whether you are a seasoned project manager or were just assigned to plan your office’s move, we have resources for you. From office moving checklists to downloads to videos, we have everything you need to make your office relocation a success!

Office Move Manager Guide

Were you put in charge of your office’s move and don’t know where to start?  This guide is for you.  The key to a smooth relocation is communication; this guide will tell you exactly how to coordinate staff, suppliers, and clients in preparation for move day

Employee Move Guide Template

Ensure your employees are prepared and excited for move day! This move guide template for your employees will tell them everything they need to know about packing and labeling for their upcoming office move, and will make you look like a superstar

Office Moving Placard Label

Use this printable office move placard to space plan for your upcoming office move. For instruction to use this placard, see our Move Manager Guide


We have an extensive list of our services and understand that each move is unique. Please fill out our estimate request form and tell us how we can help with your custom office move or relocation. One of Olympia’s salespeople will follow up to provide you with a free, no obligation on site survey.

Yes, You Should Absolutely Tip Your Movers—Here’s How Much

Knowing how much to tip movers can be tricky (though you should definitely do it). Here’s how much you should tip with every move, whether you’re going near or far.

Packed up and ready to move? If you’re among one of the millions of people who will move this year, it’s inevitable that you’ll face a common predicament: Do you tip movers? Moreover, how much do you tip movers? After an exhausting and busy moving day, trying to figure out how much to tip isn’t something you want to stress out about, so be prepared ahead of time. As with all forms of tipping, being prepared to tip ahead of time will leave you and the worker in better standing.

And you should feel good about tipping your movers. “These are people who you are trusting with your possessions, not to mention that lifting heavy furniture and boxes is really hard work,”

While tipping movers is almost always allowed by a company and is generally considered to be proper etiquette, be sure to check with your moving company—either when you book the move, by checking your agreement or on the company website, or by asking the foreman discreetly the day of the move—to see if they have a tipping policy or any guidelines

How much to tip movers

A good rule of thumb is 15 to 20 percent of the total moving bill for both a typical long-haul or a local move. For example, if you’re moving the contents of a four-bedroom house a long distance with a total move cost of $3,000, you should give the movers $450 to $600 dollars to split between the number of people helping you move.

Long Distance Movers Guide

After relocating from abroad, once the moving truck drives off, the crew leaves, and the boxes have been emptied, you have officially turned the page on a new chapter in your life. It is surely intimidating to be among entirely new surroundings, so, for long distance movers,  how does one feel welcome and a sense of belonging in an unfamiliar place?

Depending on how old you are, the idea of a ‘welcome wagon’ may be a completely unfamiliar term. However, the sentiment of a community coming together to welcome new residents has remained — it’s just up to you to discover how it manifests in the present day.

Join local programs to meet like-minded people

Programs are typically affordable and will give you chance to meet people that may have similar interests as you. For teens and adults, group fitness classes like aerobics, aquacise, or yoga put you into a high-energy group setting where you’ll have an opportunity to socialize and meet people.

If you are more of an introverted person, and the idea of sweating it out in a sea of strangers is overwhelming, start with 1-on-1 interactions such as a private music lesson. Or, enroll in a class to learn a new language. This essentially has structured socialization through practicing the language with your peers.

Feeling a sense of belonging starts with YOU: don’t be afraid to ask

If you’ve moved into an apartment complex, make it a goal to strike up a simple conversation with someone in passing at least once. You can start by asking them for the whereabouts of the best local coffee, or where the nearest park is. More often than not, the person you are talking to will be willing to share. You’re of course not obligated to carry on social relationships with your neighbours, but, simple conversations like these can make it feel like you’re not living in isolation among total strangers.


High-quality, interstate movers know how to overcome these challenges to reduce the stress and strain for their clients. That’s why Trustworthy Movers — your trusted Boise moving company — has compiled the following guide to a long-distance relocation.

Moving Company for You

It’s not always easy to find the moving company that’s right for you. That’s why it’s extremely important to do your research. Check out their online reviews and ask for recommendations. You also want to make sure your chosen Boise moving company has access to the proper equipment and vehicles to complete your move successfully.

Storing Your Items During the Transition

Many people often overlook this important aspect of hiring a professional moving company. In addition to packing and moving your belongings, Trustworthy Movers offers short-term and long-term storage options. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to decipher just how much you can fit into your new space. Having storage options with the same company you hire to move is a clear benefit we offer.

Packing Your Items Correctly

Packing a box and hoping for the best might work but if you’re moving to another state this can prove disastrous. A moving company like Trustworthy Movers can help pack and secure your belongings in the best way possible to ensure their safe transport to your new home.

Trustworthy Movers

When you are ready to tackle your long-distance move, contact the long distance movers you can trust at Trustworthy Movers. We will provide you with a free, no obligation quote for a customized moving package that’s just right for you

Guide To Long Distance Moving

before the big day comes around, you need to consider several things to make the transition smoother, safe, and stress-free. Check these tips out.

Have a plan.

The task of getting everything ready when moving might feel so overwhelming and daunting. With that said, make sure to create a plan that will guide you throughout the moving process. So, stick with your plan if you want to have a successful interstate move.

Purge your possessions.

Before moving, check your closet and get rid of everything that you’ll not need. Cutting down your stuff will help reduce your moving costs as well as keep you move organised from start to finish.

Pack early and efficiently.

Once you’re done with downsizing, it’s about time you let the packing begin. A few months before your official move-in date, collect moving boxes and other supplies. From there, you can start packing up. Box up those non-essential first such as books, décor, and other stuff to be followed by the essentials.

Label the boxes accordingly.

Before you finish packing, make sure you mark each box correctly. Use coloured markers to describe what’s inside the boxes. This process will not only keep you organised from it’ll also help the moving company