Event Planner Certification

A Guide for Finding and Hiring the Right Corporate Event Planner

Planning a corporate event on your own can be exhausting. Whether it’s your company’s anniversary, a product launch, or corporate meeting, it’s a task that demands a lot of time and attention. It doesn’t have to be a stressfu, however. Hiring a third-party event planner — someone who could translate your vision into reality — allows you to streamline the corporate event planning process.

Locking in the Best Planner for Your Corporate Event

The job is crucial, so you need to do your due diligence before committing to one. Screen potential event planning firms carefully before hiring an event planner.

Before Anything Else: Know What You Want

The way to finding your event planner starts with knowing what you want to accomplish. Set the objectives of your event. Does your event aim to boost the sales of a new product? Do you want to build strong relationships among your employees? Or do you want to celebrate a company milestone? The big picture should work. You can discuss the details once you have a planner.

Next, define the tasks you expect the planner to do and allot how much you’re willing to spend to make the event come to fruition. Event planners offer different pricing, depending on the services you need. They usually select the venue, find speakers and entertainment, provide options for food and beverage, and create the invitations.

Find Event Planners with Experience

Peer recommendations are often a better reference than a Google search, but you want to make sure you find a company that has the experience to pull off your event.

Look for an expert in organizing an event like yours. This way, you’re sure that they have experience and know what to do.

Pay Attention to These Crucial Factors

Now, it’s time to explain the details of your event to your prospects and see who can meet your requirements. You can focus on their strengths and weaknesses to help you reduce your list further. When you’re down to a reasonable number (three is recommended), set up meetings and scrutinize each firm for:

Their planning process

Despite having an external event planner take care of the nitty gritty, you still need to provide input. Understanding how their event planning process works gives you a picture of what will happen during the preparation. Find out how they handle projects like yours to get a sense of their priorities.

You should ask them how they like to communicate with their clients, too. Would they rather hold face-to-face meetings, emails, or phone calls? Opt for the planner who’s convenient to work with and doesn’t disrupt your operations.

Qualities that make them stand out

Different corporate event planners have different approaches when organizing an event. But there are some things that you should never compromise on. Can they handle multiple tasks gracefully? How do they express their creativity and resourcefulness? Corporate events like launching a new product can affect your business. Making it memorable to your attendees may increase your sales.

This question also allows you to measure the flexibility of your candidate. Prioritize the one that’s willing to learn about and understand your business. Your event planner should be able to adjust according to the nature of your business and your market.

Reasons To Hire An Event Coordinator

Rule number one of building an events team: don’t act like a superhero.

1. You’re burning out

Rule number one of building an events team: don’t act like a superhero. Much as you might try, you can’t carry the burden of your entire event alone. Whether your team is small but mighty, or large and in charge, it’s your job to hire a team who can get the job done.

If you find yourself and your entire team burning out, it’s a clear sign that you need more help.

2. You have the resources

In a survey of 1,000 event creators, more than a third said they expect their teams to grow in 2018. Teams that will increase staff also intended to increase budget in 2018 (64%) and run additional events (76%).

If your budget allows, hire a coordinator to make sure you can do more — more events, more promotion, more ticket sales — with less headache.

3. Your reputation depends on it

Dedicated staff, from marketers to box office attendants to security, are critical to creating the perfect experience for your attendees. Hire the right coordinator, and you’ll be set up to run a smooth, professional event — and grow your reputation as an experience worth attending.

But beware — if an event coordinator doesn’t have the soft skills needed to work in events, don’t bring them on. You’ll pay the price later on down the road.

4. You want to scale your event

As your event grows over time, you won’t be able to run it with the same number of people. Automation can be a huge help (and definitely shouldn’t be ignored when scaling your event), but the bottom line is: the bigger your event gets, eventually the bigger your team will get, too.

Hire a coordinator to make sure you’re spending your time on what matters — creating a sell-out event.

5. You want to grow your sponsorship revenue

For many events, sponsorship is a top source of revenue. But without support staff to help you sell and work with sponsors, you might be putting that revenue at risk. When sponsorship revenue has stalled, it’s time to hire someone who can help manage your sponsors.

You can focus on what truly matters

Developing the event agenda, speaker and sponsor acquisitions, churning out a list of delegates to send mailings to, reaching out to medias to cover the event, and the list goes on… It is no hidden secret that there are a thousand and one things to do in the run up to an event, why add logistics planning to the list? Let us do our job so that you can do yours!

Through engaging an event agency, we will help to ensure the seamless planning and execution of all your event logistics requirements such as venue liaison, F&B management, show and emcee management, creative conceptualisation, registration and attendee tracking in real time, etc. By surrendering the logistics coordination to the experts, you will be allowed more time to focus on networking and building relationships with clients or prospects!

Reduce cost and tap on our vast network of partners and suppliers

Contrary to popular belief that corporate event organizers are expensive, you will be surprised to learn that this is not necessarily the case. Event planning companies have the capability to help you reduce cost through a vast network of partners and suppliers. Due to frequency of utilisation and through the development of positive working relationships, corporate event companies are usually offered unparalleled rates on partner and supplier services. Not only will this help you save on cost, this will also help to ensure that you hire the best in their business – catering, AV rental, entertainment, photography and videography – you name it! Event planners possess negotiation power that you otherwise would not have.

The 5 Biggest Myths You Probably Believe About Hiring An Event Planner

If you’re like most people, you probably think it would be more cost effective to plan your own event rather than hire an event planner. But, that’s just a myth. From weddings and bachelorette parties to company outings and birthday extravaganzas, the value of hiring a trained professional to oversee your event will almost always outweigh the cons. At last, we’re here to put these common myths to rest, once and for all.

Myth #1: It’s More Cost Effective To Plan Your Own Event

The average cost of a wedding in the US is somewhere around $27,000. By “doing it yourself”, some of that may be unnecessary costs. Hear me out. Without the extensive experience event planners have in their industry, it’s easy to overpay for services you don’t need, or choose the wrong vendors — both of which will end up costing you money in the long run.

Trained event planners will know exactly where to cut costs and how to save you money. Seasoned event planners will even have agreements with many of the local vendors and venues which saves them money. When you book with them, they’ll pass these savings on to you.

Myth #2: Hiring An Event Planner Is Stressful

Don’t fall for this one! An event planner’s existence relies on taking the load off of you. They’ll make sure each vendor is vetted, that supplies are paid for, that your location is picture perfect, and that every detail is thoroughly planned. There’s no question that hiring a qualified, professional event planner will reduce your stress; not add to it.

Myth #3: It Costs Too Much Money To Hire An Event Planner

In Brandon, Florida, most event planners charge a fixed or hourly rate designed to accommodate your budget, not work against it. That, coupled with with the vendor savings you’ll have access to — and the fact that you’ll save yourself from hundreds of hours of tedious work — will all help to reduce your risk.

Plus, does anyone really want to sit around for hours, hand-cutting name tags, punching holes in things, stamping invitations, and getting quotes from vendors? Probably not. All of these factors are important in analyzing the true cost of hiring an event planner.

Myth #4: Your Friends And Family Are Happy To Help

While it’s true that your friends and family are undoubtedly looking forward to attending your event, that doesn’t mean they want to be deeply and tediously involved. Nor does it mean you should expect them to be. Instead of assigning your attendees to painstaking tasks that may end up building a wall between you and them, you can avoid all of this by hiring a qualified event planner. Everyone will surely be appreciative.

Myth #5: You Can Plan A Better Event

Unless you’re David Tutera, you’re probably not going to design a better event yourself.

You may be a local weight loss expert or an adored pediatric surgeon in your area, but, that doesn’t mean you should plan your own event. When you hire an event planner to design and coordinate your event, you’ll end up appreciating the end result that much more. Great event planners pay for themselves by ensuring the planning is meticulous and the event is flawless.